Who are we ?

"Benelli bikes" is the new challenge of benelli Q.J., italian company known around the world for the excellent production of motorcycle and scooter.

It;s 2011 when the company pesarese decides to invest in the emerging business of electrical, introducing his new range of bicycles to round assisted and proving once again to be in step with the changing times and meet the needs and demands of their c lienti.

The bicycle has become the symbol of a society increasingly concerned about the environment, users who respond first to logical environmental, putting in first place the "green planet".

at the same time, sustainable mobility and convenience.

Benelli Biciclette

because in addition to being environmentally friendly, the bicycle is still one of the favorite means for who should move in the city, giving the possibility of peeling in city traffic with extreme ease.

but also outside the city, using a bicycle electrical advantages unimaginable: the round assisted, bikers will ever even long get - out, leaving the car home.

a real achievement, also in terms of reducing consumption and costs.

Take long climb - Down

and it is responding to these logical benelli benelli - aziendapropone a full range of electric bicycle, city bike, mountain bike, the modern design and cutting-edge, the components of quality and style unmistakably benelli.

abecause, as for motorcycle and scooter of the home of the lion, with bicycles. the objective of the company is only one: to meet passions in a pure state.

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