TWIST SHIFT LED\LCD DISPLAYBenelli Italy design and R&D team,build up a really original italian style

Benelli do not only provide e-bikes, but also wont to share completely new riding feeling with unimoginable driving pleasure .our sales team product managers, engineers, designers are working towards his everyday. Now world-class collection arrives, City, Urban, Sport, Touring, Performance, Bicycles deliver our spirit to the people who wants to an easier, enjoyable life with adventure.

Benelli Team dedicates on the research & development of electric motor driver system over 5 years, upon 105 year history & background of motorcycle industry, as one of the earliest gasoline and assisted bike manufacturer Benelli now are launching central Motor drive Unit for Pedelecs. Thanks for the dedication of Benelli design & development team from Italy and china, BCM350/500 drive units will bring the riders more functions and excellent cycle feelings by its powerful and smooth ass itant performance 3 in 1 multi sensor integrated torque sensore detects pedaling power, speed sensor detects bicycle is speed ,and crank sensor detects the pedaling frequency.

BCM drive system continously and intelligently provides power assistance output which makes the e-cycling much easily where on urban mountain or road conditions Benelli BCM series offer a whole drive set but not only one individual motor, it includes 2 various capacity battery packs, Benelli LED/LCD remote control can satisfy the different requirements of riders.

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